Why Organic

We are often asked why organic? Why are we growing organic? What is so good and different about organic than other conventionally grown fruit and vegetables lack?DSC_0002

ORGANIC = Pure Energy To Feed Body Cells = Healthy Thriving Organisms

If searched online, organic word produces hundreds of impressions with definitions precisely explaining the entire concept that stand behind the word “organic.” While it would’ve been quite convenient to copy and paste the definition, we wanted to write a couple of sentences explaining what organic means to us.

Growing up in Poland in the 70s and 80s, the word “organic/ecological” was never mentioned to us by our parents, teachers or the government. This concept simply wasn’t in the Polish vocabulary and furthermore it didn’t have to be.

The notion of organic/ecological farming or consuming organic food was not even known to our grandparents who farmed clean crops and lived a simple yet healthy lifestyle. In other words, there had been no need to distinguish organic from non-organic because farming and farmed products were pure, free of pesticides and other chemical compounds.DSC_0004

Something was “killing” us and we had no clue what that was.

In the mid 80s, I remember my grandmother saying one day that this season there will not be many potatoes as usually because of the Colorado potato beetle and that next year they will be introducing new potatoes to the soil and she called them: the American potatoes (Amerykany).

I don’t know why she called them as such but years later while already living in North America; I realized that that perhaps was the decade were introduction of GMOs began in Poland or at least in the region of my grandparents’ farm (South-East part of Poland). Since planting the new potatoes, I never heard them complaining again. I suppose, the Colorado potato beetle did no longer pose a threat to the potato harvest yields.

Even though organically/ecologically produced food was accessible and available to us at all times, we didn’t notice it. Our road to understanding organic/ecological benefits had been paved with experiences related to health issues that struck us out of nowhere in our 30s.DSC_0136

Today we know exactly what had happened and contributed to our health issues. It was nothing but the following sequence of events.

Low energy level, weight gain, digestive and heart issues, red eyes, skin rashes and nails problems, thinning hair, mood swings, night sweats, brain fatigue, cellulite, eye vision impaired, sore joints, organs inflammation, belly fat expending, man breast, depression, anxiety and many other health related issues started to make our each day a struggle. Something was “killing” us and we had no clue what that was.

The turning point in our journey to the discovery of organic vs non-organic food happened the day we accepted the fact that we couldn’t function that way anymore and needed an immediate solution to stop further health deterioration.

We bought a couple of books about health restoration and started juicing with implementing more fruits and vegetables in our daily menu. Bravely yet with struggle we started removing certain foods; starting with meat, dairy products and breads. Within days we started noticing our bodies in the state of repair. Better energy level, better sleep, better digestion…these were the first positive symptoms we noticed. This was our very first step to detoxification a terminology about which we learned later.DSC_0930

“Our primary health care should begin on the farm and in our hearts, and not in some laboratory of the biotech and pharmaceutical companies.” – Gary Hopkins

Today we know exactly what had happened and contributed to our health issues. It was nothing but the following sequence of events. Involved in running a business out of Montreal and having literally no time both of us participated in dining out and/or buying ready to eat meals.

In a very short of time (as we look at some of our photos from that time) we noticed lots of changes in our body appearance. In simple words, the aftermath of such a lifestyle had devastating results to our health and symptoms that we just described above.

Buying and consuming food of unknown origin made us an easy target for consumption of GMOs, pesticides, herbicides, heavy metals and other chemicals and compounds that with time were accumulating in our body cells and disrupting their natural bio functionality.

We simply ate food packed with impurities that our body could not recognize as nutritional value to properly feed our cells (well, there was NO nutritional value). Our organisms started to fight to survive and it used all available resources (minerals and vitamins) it had to keep us going, to keep us alive. Our bodies became disfigured…looking ill and abnormal.DSC_0263

This is how we came to understand in our own way what organic food and farming mean to us!!!

It means to us nothing but PURE SOURCE OF ENERGY for our bodies to use to grow healthy living cells. It is the code that our organisms can only recognize as food of vital energy because it comes from a pure source of minerals and vitamins that fruits and vegetables take from unaltered to the environment healthy living soil, PERIOD!

With all the food traps containing artificial ingredients, chemicals, pesticides, and herbicides our bodies are disaster-prone, poisoned and cannot function the way they are designed to live. Our organisms are sick and our immune systems are fighting to stay alive, drained of energy and completely thrown out of balance, not synchronized; therefore blind.

Constantly drained of energy, we were completely thrown out of balance and not living in the moment.  In this survival mode, we made many mistakes and we wasted every day being out of focus due to trying to gain our health back instead of thriving and living the life we desired; we forgot the meaning of happiness.

Thanks to raw, organic fruits and vegetables grown by us we are back better, stronger, younger and healthier than ever.

We encourage you to eat only organic, we encourage you to grow your own garden of organic fruits and vegetables, we encourage you to discover the Organic Fruits and Vegetable’s Power.DSC_0495

ORGANIC = Pure Energy To Feed Body Cells = Healthy Thriving Organisms

Danuta & Vitoldus