Let’s Swiss Chard…

Swiss chard is one of the essential foods in the Mediterranean cooking and is one of the leading nutritious vegetables you can ever come across. Swiss chard has huge and dark green leaves that are harvested at different stages of maturity. You can use the tender plant, with […]


Borage (Borago officinalis) is a beautiful annual plant distinguished with large alternating hairy oval spiky leaves and blue starflowers. It grows wildly in the Mediterranean and widely cultivated and used throughout Europe for its magical healing properties and for a great addition to salads and summer drinks. This […]

What Exactly Are Garlic Scapes?

The 2019 farming season is already gone, however, I found a few pictures from garlic scapes harvest on Hugh’s farm and wanted to share them. Below there are also interesting health facts about the garlic scapes. Garlic scapes have wonderful health benefits such as improving digestive health, offering […]

Organic, Heirloom or Conventional Seeds…

Our forefathers didn’t have to decide between pesticides-free, typical food, and seeds. This was simply because they never faced risks of genetically modified crops. Nowadays, we are faced with several choices that we need to pick. Basically, the seed forms part of our cultural heritage and their physical, […]