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Soil vs Dirt

What is soil? There is soil and there is dirt. One definition by Hans Jenny a soil scientist defines soil as a balanced combination of minerals (sand, silt, and clay), organic matter, and soil organisms also called aerobic organisms. There is another definition of soil defined by the […]

Chased By Bees :-) :-) :-)

Last week while working on the farm field, out of nowhere, a few bees started flying around me attempting to land on my had and around my face; this was something I’ve never experienced. The bees acted angry for some reason. First, I thought that I must have […]

Learn How To Grow Garlic

Last year at the end of the farming season, we were given from another farmer a bunch of garlic bulbs. Instead of consuming the bulbs, we decided to plant them in the ground in late October. This is how our first garlic growing experiment began. These were hard […]

Welcome To Plant Paradise

We were lucky to attend the GardenFest held this year at the Plant Paradise and have been privileged to participate in a guided tour given by Lorraine, the co-owner of Plant Paradise. We learned a lot including the fact that dead trees are important to the eco-systems and […]

Our Organic Farming in June…

Our new test using tarp for weed control turned out to be a great success. After holding the tarp for about 2 months over our farming beds the soil was clean of weeds. After loosening the soil, watering, and adding compost both of us got our hands onto […]

‘Cause We Are At…Strawberry Fields :-)

This weekΒ we visited strawberry fields at an organic farm in Markham Ontario where we indulged ourselves picking local organic strawberries – yummy :-).Β Picking fruits by yourself is a fantastic opportunity to learn where the fruits are coming from and you can pick exactly what you like. At the […]