The Change

What We Eat and Drink, What We Breath, Watch and Listen  To, What We Say and How We Think decides about What We Become!

What you see here below are photos of us taken BEFORE and NOW. This is the BEFORE and AFTER effect of us implementing many changes in our lives – mainly applying organic fruits, vegetables, selected seeds and nuts. As of TODAY we have become conscious organic plant based food eaters and advocates.


In retrospect we know exactly what happened and contributed to our health crises. Here is the following sequence of events. Involved in a busy stressful corporate lifestyle, running a business, we literally had no time and participated in dining out or buying ready to eat meals.


With that bad lifestyle it did not take long for us to see the negative impact on our health and appearance. Buying and consuming food of unknown origins made us an easy target for consumption of GMOs, pesticides, herbicides, heavy metals and other chemicals and compounds that with time accumulated in our body cells and disrupted their natural bio functionality.


Meat, dairy, refined sugar, wheat, grains, gluten, processed foods and the very fact that both of us had no clue about the origins of the foods we consumed, packed with impurities, our bodies couldn’t metabolize and recognize any nutritional value in order to properly feed our body cells. Our organisms started to fight to survive and using all available resources (minerals and vitamins) to keep us going, to keep us alive. Our bodies became disfigured…looking ill and abnormal.

It All Makes Sense!

With all the food “traps” that conventional food companies produce and sell to the public contain artificial ingredients, chemicals, pesticides, and herbicides. The human body is disaster-prone, poisoned and cannot function the way it was originally designed to do which is prosper and live in happiness.


Our organisms become sick and our immune systems fights to stay alive. In many cases depleted of vital life energy thrown out of balance, not synchronized; sliding down with every day activity, millions of people are aiming towards a major awakening; a disease such as cancer, diabetes or mental health issues.

In our experience lacking the fundamental life force – energy, we became completely thrown out of balance and stopped living in the present moment.  In this survival mode, we made many mistakes attempting to gain our health back instead of thriving and living the life we desired; we forgot the true meaning of happiness.


Thanks to the raw, organic fruits and vegetables grown by us we are back better, stronger, younger and healthier than ever.

This humble experience taught us to understand in our own way what organic food and growing our own food mean to us!!!

Organically grown fruits, vegetables, herbs, and edible flowers mean to us PURE CODE – SOURCE OF ENERGY for our bodies to utilize to grow healthy living cells. It is the code that our organisms can only recognize as food of vital energy because it comes from a pure source of minerals and vitamins that fruits and vegetables take from unaltered to the environment healthy living soil.

We encourage you to eat only organic, we encourage you to grow your own garden of organic fruits and vegetables, and we encourage you to discover the Organic Fruits and Vegetables’ Power.

ORGANIC = Pure Energy To Feed Body Cells = Healthy Thriving Organisms


To Your Health,

Danuta & Vitoldus

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