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Fifty Shapes of Carrots

Nothing seems and looks perfect in life…or perhaps it does πŸ™‚ …that of course all depends on our views and perceptions. While shooting our featured image for this post, we aimed for the perfect photo and look what we ended up with ??? A pose that would never […]

The Cosmic Experiment

It started as an experiment. On a rough and harsh clay soil we planted little tiny organic carrot seeds called Cosmic Purple. Due to rough conditions of the soil we did’t have much of expectations and with doubts crossing out minds we knew that the carrots will have […]

The Organic Sunflowers Have Awoken

The great weather Β and 30 + Celsius that we now have in September allowed our organic sunflowers Β (Russian Mammoth and Giganteus) to “open” and show their true colors; finally. Β The pollinators literally occupy the plants in search for the sweet nectar to bring it to their hives, their […]

A Snake in the Straw

Surprise, Surprise, this morning upon arriving at the farm we found a snake taking a nap in the bail of straw. We use the straw to cover the soil to prevent the sun from drying out all the moisture in the soil. Having a snake on the farm […]