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Soil vs Dirt

What is soil? There is soil and there is dirt. One definition by Hans Jenny a soil scientist defines soil as a balanced combination of minerals (sand, silt, and clay), organic matter, and soil organisms also called aerobic organisms. There is another definition of soil defined by the […]

Starting Indoor Seeds

Time to start seeds indoors. Vegetables such as cabbage, okra , tomatoes and peppers, kale and many other need a significantly long growing season. As a general rule annual vegetables need to be sown indoors approximately six weeks prior to the last frost within your area .Here in […]

Why Local Organic Food is Better…

Higher energy prices, loss of biodiversity, and climatic changes are major challenges to our food supply. It is, therefore, important that we pay attention and start making better choices buying and supporting of local organic food diversity and the local organic farmers. Becoming more conscious consumer, buying local […]

CALLALOO – Jamaican Green Super Plant

Good nutrition remains to be a major pillar in achieving health and a healthy lifestyle. This season I am learning of another super nutritious plant called Callaloo. Callaloo is a dark-green leafy vegetable used in Jamaican cuisine. It proves to be a perfect vegetable thanks to its nutritional […]

Chased By Bees :-) :-) :-)

Last week while working on the farm field, out of nowhere, a few bees started flying around me attempting to land on my had and around my face; this was something I’ve never experienced. The bees acted angry for some reason. First, I thought that I must have […]