About Us


The Organic Farmer blog started with an intention to keep it as a “photo journal” which can be accessed online at any time from any place in the world. We wanted to record our journey from day one to where we are today as growers and advocates of organic fruits and vegetables.


Hello, we’re Danuta and Vitoldus and we invite you to join our blog. We intend that we learn, cultivate and share our knowledge about growing organic fruits, vegetables, herbs and flowers contributing to the highest good of the Universe. Today we grow a variety of organic vegetables mostly for ourselves and sharing excess of vegetables with our family and friends.

It is our intention to share our journey with subscribers and visitors to OrganicFarmer.blog. We intent that this website also serves as an educational platform, where you can learn about varieties of fruits and vegetables, how to grow them, stages of growth from a tiny seed to its harvest and more.

Through short articles and fun to watch videos, we intend that you learn about vitamins, minerals and other health benefits that the fruits and vegetables we grow contain. In addition, we are going to show you how to prepare simple yet nutritious and delicious plant based meals that will improve your energy level, help you stay fit, improve your skin and digestion and more so you can lead healthier and happier life.

As we work the land, each day we build new skills that are essential to succeedย in future organic agricultural fields. Our organic vegetablesย farming experience takes place on a 6,000 sq ft leased land at McVeen Farm in Brampton, Ontario.

The process of learning to become organic fruits and vegetables growers does have its challenges. Regardless, working on the field amending the soil and growing vegetables brings us full of joy and at the end of each day we get a feeling of an accomplishment; as if we were part of a solution.

Having lived in and traveled to different countries, performed a variety of work and with over 15 years’ experience in the corporate world both of us have developed a solid understanding that new skills are not learned just from readingย  manuals and books but rather from hands-on experience. With limited resources on our side, we decided to dive into learning organic farming; by simply farming.

It is our understanding that organic farming is a journey and that it may take months or years to become a skilled organic grower. With that in mind, we have a strong drive to study and apply all gained knowledge from books, WOOFing, farm visits and workshops and simply hands-on experience in order to grow organic healthy and nutritious fruit and vegetables for others to enjoy.

Danuta & Vitoldus