Starting Indoor Seeds

Time to start seeds indoors. Vegetables such as cabbage, okra , tomatoes and peppers, kale and many other need a significantly long growing season. As a general rule annual vegetables need to be sown indoors approximately six weeks prior to the last frost within your area .Here in Ontario our last frost days are beginning of May. Starting seeds now will give us advantage and in May we will have ready plants to transplant outdoors into soil beds.


Starting vegetable seeds indoors:

The first step is to purchase a organic seed from a trusted source. Ensure that the seed you are purchasing has a high germination rate and will offer you a head-start when growing your vegetable.

Pot using a seed-starting mix. Usually, these mixes don’t have actual soil; however, they offer the right condition for your seed to sprout. The essential thing is that it provides the right balance of drainage and water-holding capacity and minimizes illnesses on your vulnerable seedlings.

Drainage holes. Ensure that the container used in starting your vegetable seeds are equipped with drainage holes. By doing so, you will protect your seeds against over-watering.

Proper depth. It is important that your seeds are planted at the recommended depth. You should check your seed packaging for the right planting depth. You should avoid planting the seed deeper than the recommended depth.

Thinning. When the seedlings develop two sets of leaves, you will consider having a seedling per pot. Therefore, it is a good practice to choose the healthiest and one with the strongest looks.

It is important to avoid sowing too early, or you will end up having to transfer your seedling into a much bigger container since the conditions outside are still not favorable for planting.

Happy seeds starting πŸ™‚

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