Organic Farming

Why Local Organic Food is Better…

Higher energy prices, loss of biodiversity, and climatic changes are major challenges to our food supply. It is, therefore, important that we pay attention and start making better choices buying and supporting of local organic food diversity and the local organic farmers.

Becoming more conscious consumer, buying local organic fruits and vegetables will give you greater control knowing where your veggies come from and how the food is processed and produced. By knowing your farmer, you and your family will eat healthy nutritious food.

By choosing seasonal and local food consumption will greatly help in reducing the food storage and transportation; good for the environment. You also get to enjoy food that is more complex and richer in nutrients and flavor.

When farming organically there is no need to use herbicides and pesticides, therefore, the impact on your health, environment, water supplies, and climate will be very positive.

Having the option of whether to grow your own food or to buy from the local farmer exposes you to so much variety. Best of all, you can get the opportunity to experiment and discover many different types of fruits and vegetables you may have never heard of before.

Purchasing organic food from the local farmers helps keep the money within the local community. The movement of money will be from one local to another, whether at hardware, farm, or store level.

By keeping the money within, there is a more significant benefit than if you were to buy from national or international chains. You also play a role in allowing those involved to make a decent living out of their efforts.

Another major advantage of buying local foods is the relationships and networks you can build. When you are a customer, seller, or local producer, the relationships are so much more than buying and selling.

You may, for example, find that you have such a solid relationship with the seller that you can take some of the goods on credit or even engage in barter trade. Some communities have very solid systems in place that no one will ever go through a tough time alone.

Think about the personal connections you build every time you buy from a local supplier. It starts with finding out who are the local organic farmers within a region and learning more about how to become a buyer of healthy local organic food or how you can grow your own healthy veggies.

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