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Chased By Bees :-) :-) :-)

Last week while working on the farm field, out of nowhere, a few bees started flying around me attempting to land on my had and around my face; this was something I’ve never experienced.

The bees acted angry for some reason. First, I thought that I must have accidentally stepped on one of them or perhaps destroyed a hidden nest in the soil however non of that was the case.

What I quickly realized that in close area of my work at the farm there were a few bee houses just a day before. Now the beehives are moved to a different location and apparently the confused bees thought that I took their home and honey away πŸ™‚

When we see bees flying close to us we often get scared and want to hit them with our hand to immobilize them so we don’t get stung. We cannot stress this enough but please know bees don’t mean to hurt you unless you mean to hurt them.

Bees are an essential part of the life on earth and they do a lot of good for humans.

Pollination and Food Supply

Bees play an important role in pollination. They take the nectar from one flower and then spread it to other plants to help with the fertilization process. They will also spread seeds to encourage the different types of plants to grow. Pollination is needed for healthy crops. If pollination did not occur then fruits, vegetables including kale and broccoli would be low and there would not be enough to go around.

Bees are Indispensable

Bees are important to the way we all live. There are over 800 bees species in Canada and each one of them helps the crops. Bees allow farmers to grow fruits, berries, vegetables, and nuts not to mention about the sweet honey.

Important to the Ecosystem

Bees are needed to encourage the growth of wildflowers and trees. They help with pollination and they are also part of the food chain. Birds and other insects eat the bees. Some bees can dig in the soil and this will help keep the ground healthy.


Honey is not only tasty but there are many benefits that honey offers to humans. Honey is used in many different foods, medicines, and health products and is used in many different home recipes.


Beeswax is used in many natural products such as candles made from wax. There are many beeswax products found in the healthcare store that is used for people that are looking to live a more natural lifestyle.


Bees are a good way to enhance the natural beauty and help with nature. Bees pollinate flowers, trees, and other forms of vegetation.. Bees also help the trees and flowers stay healthy. This allows animals to find homes for example. Bees are found in many different types of environments including tropical climates.

Bees contribute to our life and economies, therefore, when you see a bee flying close to you or in the wild just let it alone and allow the bee to fly freely; its main goal is to find a flower to sit on not you πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

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