Organic Farming

Why Grow Fruits & Vegetables Organically…

Making use of organic techniques to grow your garden is a very good and wise idea, it is DSC_0112 always the best option of gardening, and this is because it is environmentally friendly and good for the entire community.

Those who use organic methods normally rely on the natural amendments, biological processes as well as cultural practices to succeed in the gardening endeavor by avoiding using synthetic or chemical products.

The most nutritious foods are found from organic gardens. For an organic garden to be considered finest, it should be a garden that is dependent on the rich with minerals soil to produce healthy fruits, vegetables, herbs and flowers.

Growing organic fruits and vegetablesย create a friendly environment for people, DSC_0603 water, wildlife, and soil. Bees find it a great place to work, birds find it a great place to forage, and children find it a great place to play, and all this is only possible if our environment we live and garden is free of chemical fertilizers or pesticides.

Organic gardening challengesย people to learn more things about nature and also be extra observant. By mimicking nature and taking care of your flowers, vegetables, or herbs, the chances are high that you will begin learning how the mature world works. You will also be inspired by the wise ways of insects, animals, plants, as well as the other garden allies to continue producing organic food.DSC_0573

The organic garden also helps in preserving climate change. Healthy soil that has been nurtured for a long time is normally great at storing atmospheric carbon. And this carbon is very important for the soil because it helps in supporting plant lives.

Growing organic fruits, vegetables, herbs and flowers is beneficial to the humans, animals, and the environment, so it is worth investing in growing or buying organically grown food. Most importantly eating organically grown fruits and vegetables gives all of us health benefits.

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  1. Hey vitoldus,
    I think you are right with the concept of organic farming of fruits and vegetable. As to grow them we have our own farm which does not use any pesticides. We usually do not pay attention to fruits and vegetables we buy from the supermarket as they are not a fertilized-free product.
    Either we should grow organic product in our farm to get a nutritious component for our body and we should rather look at the process of growing organic farming of fruits and vegetables.


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