Organic Farming

The Secret of Green Onions

We love to grow organic green onions also known as scallions. Green onions are commonly found vegetables in a farmer’s market or grocery store. They can be served raw to add a crisp bite to a variety of dishes including salads, can be caramelized to sweetness and can also be cooked to add a spicy flavour that blends with almost any dish.DSC_0018

Also known as scallions, green onions are native to Asia and staple in a well-stocked kitchen. They offer a variety of nutritional benefits and small amounts of calories and hence make a healthful addition to every person’s diet.


A cup of green onions contains 19 calories, 4 grams of total carbs and small amounts of fat and protein. Green onions also supply more than 65 grams of water and 1.3 grams of dietary fiber. The dietary fiber in green onions encourages healthy digestion and the carbs give energy that your tissues require for proper functioning.DSC_0975

Nutritionists advise people to add green onions to their diet because their fiber and water help to fill them up thereby keeping their weight in check.


Green onions are loaded with carotenoids such as vitamin A, zeaxanthin and lutein that are beneficial to your eyes. For instance, vitamin A promotes good eyesight particularly in low light, and both zeaxanthin and lutein work together to maintain the health of your eyes. Consumption of green onions regularly fights macular degeneration and also protects your cells from getting damaged.


According to research, one cup of green onions is loaded with 609 micrograms and 2,840 international units of zeaxanthin and lutein which make nearly 95% of the recommended vitamin A daily intake for adult males and the entire daily intake for an adult female.


Green onions contain vitamins C and K, both of which play an important role in keeping your skeleton healthy. For instance, vitamin C helps you to efficiently synthesize collagen for the strength of your bones, and also, it acts as antioxidants and offers protection to your tissues from damage.DSC_0013

Vitamin K, on the other hand, allows your body to utilize calcium needed to preserve bone density and most importantly, it controls blood clotting. One cup of green onions contains 10 milligrams of vitamin C and 111 micrograms of vitamin K.

Eating more green onions

We add green onions to our salads because its flavour works miracles in enhancing our appetite. The health benefits associated with green onions are quite impressive and for us green onion makes a healthful addition to our plant-based food, nourishing our taste buds and the body cells.

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