Organic Compost

Organic Compost = Healthy Plant & You

Composting with high-quality material or organic food creates nutrient rich soil while protecting the environment. It helps stimulate the healthy growth of abundant plants. Organic composting is both convenient and inexpensive to do. Organic matter turns soil into porous granules that allow water and air to easily flow through. It absorbs and stores nutrients and is food for a variety of soil life.


To increase the amount of organic matter in your soil, you can use green manures, compost, mulches, sphagnum peat moss, and mushroom soil. Your compost should comprise of equal amounts of greens (organic vegetable scraps, grass clippings, or coffee grounds) to browns (twigs, branches, and dead leaves). Here are the additional benefits of organic composting.

Subdues Pests and Plant Diseases

Organic composting encourages the production of “good” fungi and bacteria to create humus. Humus is an essential part of your soil that increases its nutrient content naturally and energizes the soil to stimulate future growth.

Research shows that food grown in organic composted soil contains more beneficial nutrients. Organic compost also prevents pest problems keeping them healthy to fight off disease. Maintaining a healthy compost pile using organic matter will help avoid infestation of pests and damage to your plants.


Reduces Your Carbon Footprint

Organic composting reduces your carbon footprint by reusing yard waste that would otherwise end up in the landfills. Food waste and yard trimmings that are discarded in a landfill begin to create greenhouse gasses as they degrade. These gasses are 70 times stronger than carbon dioxide. Organic composting in your garden replaces the need for chemical pesticides and fertilizers thus preventing the production of harmful methane gasses.

Saves You Money

Compost helps the plants retain water saving you money on your monthly water bill. You’re also reducing the need to purchase expensive chemicals and fertilizers. Composting reduces the needs for additional garbage bags, and slashes trash pickup costs. Some local farmer’s markets will pay you for your organic compost.


Buying Guide for Organic Compost

It is well known and given scientific evidence that using pesticides and chemical fertilizer can give you good-looking vegetables but it is not a healthy vegetable or fruit for consumption, Yes, it does happen. This is the reason most people are shifting to the use of organic compost for their gardening and farming.

It all starts by placing some organic wastes in a compost form and allow them to decompose which you layer use instead of the chemical fertilizers. You can as well choose to mix it with composting seeds to fasten the process of decomposition.

Other benefits of organic compost

It enriches your soil naturally. It does not matter whether you choose to buy your compost or not. The organic plants which are used to make the compost have natural components which are critical in adding nutrients in the soil, especially when the leaves used have not fully matured.

Additionally, organic compost is cheaper than chemical fertilizers. You can have it delivered in bulk to your garden without having to break your bank. You can also use them in bulk without interfering with the PH level of the soil. No need for controlling the amount you are using at any given time.

Tips for buying organic compost

If you choose to buy your organic compost, there are some few tips which can help you to land in a good option. First, you should look for compost which looks fluffy and dark without a garbage odor. When compost is ready, it does not have the bad smell and some debris from the raw material. No plastics should be found in it.

It should also have some insects or earthworms. This tells you that the compost can support life. When you use such in your garden, you can be sure that your plants are not going to be suffocated. The absence of such living organisms would mean that the manure is toxic and so you got to avoid such.

If you are not sure of where to get the best dealer for your compost, you can consider doing a review of the available dealers online. This will help much in making a wise decision which will make you enjoy growing your organic fruits and vegetables.

Happy and Abundant Gardening – Farming πŸ™‚


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