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Let’s Celebrate – WANIGAN Organics

Today’s post we dedicate to WANIGAN Organics from Brampton, Ontario. It was late summer of 2016 that we met Jim Wetmore (the co-founder of Wanigan) whom we met at McVean Farm and who offered to buy any amount of leafy greens from us.

auto wanigan

That late summer we began to sell our veggies to Wanigan Organics which is the only local organic store in Brampton that for over 20 years has been offering home delivery service of organic fruits and vegetables to households in GTA.

This very moment also marks the beginning of a wonderful journey that opened for us a new door to experiencing all at once: growing, selling, and preparing a variety of organic food dishes including smoothies and juices; all of this working with genuine people who understand the value of clean healthy organic food that comes with no pesticides, herbicides or chemicals.


It is worth to mention that as of now Wanigan has been a trusted source for fresh – locally harvested and certified – organic fruits and vegetables for almost 20 years and a pioneer in the organic food home delivery industry.

Wanigan Organics started when Jim Wetmore and Mike Schreiner founded the company in early 2000 when Wanigan Whole Foods and Toronto Organics merged. Their vision was to connect local and accomplished organic farmers with households in the GTA. They wanted to be pioneers in the organics home delivery business.


Their idea was to add Toronto Organic’s skill with home delivery of organic produce boxes to Wanigan’s skill with packing large custom orders of organic groceries. The result was a company that offered its customer new flexibility and a much larger on-line ordering format.

Peter and Shanon Fuchs joined Wanigan in 2003. The new team wanted to create a new type of store; both on-line and bricks and mortar. They wanted to create a store that is focused upon simplicity, authentic food experiences and family values; a store that is centered around fresh organic fruits and vegetables. In 2009, the first Wanigan Fresh Market Store opened in Brampton, Ontario.


Today, Wanigan offers a full and unique whole foods experience that provides products, services and advice to cater to the wants and needs of many valued customers in Brampton and Great Toronto Area.

Since the beginning, Wanigan’s mission has been to deliver authentic and uncomplicated value to its customers. By always striving to offer this value, Wanigan has notched many milestones in the organic industry.


In 2003 Wanigan Organics innovated and introduced an industry leading quality assurance program which includes vigorous 5 star produce check procedure.

Humbly and with the highest gratitude, we wanted to say thank you Wanigan!!! Thank you to all great people at Wanigan we had the opportunity work with and many fantastic customers we have met. Thank you Jim, Peter and Emily for your wisdom and the opportunity to be part of Wanigan.


Thank you for this incredible journey; we’ve learned a lot and on a personal level we’ve grown beyond recognition.

Today, after 20 years of service Wanigan Organics have closed its doors…


***************************WANIGAN Organics of Brampton**************************



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