Organic Edible Flowers

Edible What??? Edible Flowers???

Flowers are beautiful, no questions about that, however, edible flowers are not only colorful and pretty but also nourishing. 2

Not too long ago we discovered edible flowers. Learning how to grow and harvest edible flowers brings new excitement to our organic farming journey and most important it brings benefits such as color and flavor to all kind of our dishes. It’s even more fun if you can pick them right from your soil.

Please understand that not all flowers are edible and if there are any on the market make certain that the flowers you buy have not been sprayed with chemicals. Always demand organic preferably certified. Most of the edible flowers that are edible are sprayed with herbicide, fungicide, or insecticide; these chemicals are toxic and can endanger your health.DSC_0144

The following edible flowers are most popular and can be farmed or grown in your garden:

Pansies: These are the right flowers if you’re looking for wintergreen flavor for your cakes and other desserts.

Nasturtiums: The variety of all colors is tasty in salads.

Honeysuckle: Add the blossoms to your salads to give a pretty look.


Alliums: Garlic, leeks, and chives are all delicious in salads and dips.

Chamomile: It has small, daisy-like flowers and a pleasant apple-like flovor. You may opt to avoid it if you’re allergic to ragweed.

Calendula: This is a prolific edible flower you can grow easily from seed in your garden.

Marigolds: This type of flowers uses tiny flowers of signet marigold with citrus taste on their blossoms.

Borage: The sky-blue flowers of this fuzzy-leaved herb have a light cucumber taste. You can add to green salads, fruits, salads, or freeze in the ice cubes if like cold drinks.

Bee balm: It’s a member of the mint family with minty-tasting flowers. Its colors range from pink to purple and bright red.


Anise hyssop: It is an edible flower that you can use to garnish a cheese plate. Or add the florets to savoury or sweet dishes.

Mint: This is another member of the mint family that is edible with a pleasant taste. You can try spearmint or balm in iced tea.

To grow your own edible flowers all you need some space in your backyard and seeds. Remember, choose organic seeds when purchasing. This insures that you have GMO and pesticides free healthy flowers to nourish your body.

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