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Welcome to Organic Aloe Vera Farm

Healing wounds, improves digestion, boosts the immune system, relieving sunburn, lowering blood sugar are just a few of the many benefits of Aloe Vera. Since our first encounter with this plant we dreamed about visiting a plantation of this magnificent evergreen perennial. Our dream has come true as we recently visited Gran Canaria an Island of Spain where Aloe Vera loves to grow in abundance.


The owner of the farm was not present at the moment of our arrival at the Aloe Vera farm. We are talking to Daniel the Aloe Vera employee and guide who was kind to answer our questions.

Danuta: Who started the Aloe Vera farm here?DSC_0695

Daniel: The farm was started by a local Spanish-Canarian man.

Danuta: Who came up with the idea to run the store with Aloe Vera products?

Daniel::Β It started from by using the same farm model on Finca Canaria Fuerteventura farm.

Danuta: Why Aloe Vera?

Daniel: Because Aloe Vera is really good for skin, stomach and helps with many other ailments.


Danuta: I noticed you have an organic certification. How did you know the certification is important?

Daniel: It is the policy of the Spanish government to know everything what we apply to the soil and the plant.


Danuta: Does Aloe Vera grow all year?

Daniel: The life of the plant is 40 years. It takes 3 years until the plant produces flowers.

Danuta: How long is the farm been in existence?

Daniel: 30 years. However, this building was built over one year ago.


Danuta: What would you say is the main obstacle in growing Aloe Vera?

Daniel: Too much water. This plant comes from North Africa. If you give it too much water it will absorb it and the leaves will expand like a sponge and swell up.

Danuta: Any advise for someone who wants to start growing Aloe Vera?

Daniel: The new aspiring Aloe Vera farmer will need lots of love, patience and work. Lots of time to do the work.


Danuta: If you would end up on a deserted island would you take Aloe Vera with you?

Daniel: That is one of the thing I would take with me. Aloe Vera is good for skin, psoriasis, stomach problems and has many other great healing properties. It will be very useful because I will be out in the sun all day.

Aloe Vera is an amazing plant. Many people come here to our farm in Gran Canaria and discover the plant. Some time later their come back and give us their feedback how it help them to heal their health issues.

The Gran Canaria Island is covered with volcanic ashes . This is the best environment in the world to grow Aloe Vera.



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