Organic Farming

Where Are We Now…

July was busy with planting and sowing and growing…and enjoying of watching everything getting bigger and greener. We were adding compost , peat moss and water as much as the plants needed to get into the next stage of growing.


After so many super hot humid days, we finally got a few days of rain and our plants got so much boost after it rained. We watered the plants regularly; however, there was something magical in the rain (pH) that encouraged the growth of plants beyond our expectations.


Now growing our classic organic chard, radishes, dill, onions, fennel, ground cherries and we could not have this season without okra. We might have cabbage, broccoli and cauliflower and lets keep our fingers crossed to write a post on harvesting them 🙂


And yesss, we are growing sunflowers again; however, based on our last year experience it will be all for birds feeding only. Of course there are always unexpected visitors – killdeer brought her babies and the dove passed by to say hello too.

More update on organic farming soon. Stay tuned…


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