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Welcome To Plant Paradise

We were lucky to attend the GardenFest held this year at the Plant Paradise and have been privileged to participate in a guided tour given by Lorraine, the co-owner of Plant Paradise. We learned a lot including the fact that dead trees are important to the eco-systems and that dead trees are the home to the pollen bees. DSC_0588

The Plant Paradise garden is a living proof that you can have beautiful garden without harmful chemicals to the environment and without synthetic fertilizers.

Lorraine and Robert’s Plant Paradise won many awards such as  the 2016 Headwaters Tourism Award for Best Nature & Leisure Visitor Experience and the Backyard Habitat Certificate by The Canadian Wildlife Federation for outstanding effort for helping wildlife through the creation of habitat and wildlife gardens.

The Plant Paradise is also a Certified Monarch Waystation.

By looking at the landscape design you can tell it was a hand of an artist or two artists: Lorraine and her husband Robert who are behind the creation of the Plant Paradise.DSC_0587

Unbelievable foliage and vast varieties of the shapes of the flowers 

The garden has not been created overnight. Lorraine and Robert spent years “researching, planting and growing perennials” featured in their garden. It started in 1999 when these two musicians with 4 CDs behind their belts moved to this uninhibited land. When they moved in there was no garden and there were no such beautiful plants that you can admire today.

It started slowly with creating beds of vegetable garden and gradually they started creating the garden parts with perennials. They wanted to share their creation with other people, later they stared growing perennials from seeds and selling them directly at their property.

Lorraine is an author of 2 books: 

A Recipe for Continuous Bloom

Spectacular Plant Combinations for the Perennial Garden

Lorraine book and CD

Lorraine Roberts in her book “Spectacular Plant Combinations for the Perennial Garden” says “It all starts with choosing the right plant for right location.” She and her husband indeed created a spectacular perennial garden by combining spire-shaped flowers with cylindrical and elongated bloom stems with daisy shaped flowers along with button- and ball-shaped flowers and they mixed them with bell-shaped plants.

Lorraine advises us in her book that “using foliage provides a huge impact on creating an appealing and engaging garden.”  Do not limit your imagination and come see what a spectacular garden they’ve created on this 24 acres land with forest and trails. The pictures will not be able to transform the beauty and vastness of the colors and different foliage you will be able to see and experience through your own eyes and senses.DSC_0555

Lorraine and Robert are strong advocates and educators of organic gardening methods. We recommend to visit them and check their website at:

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