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‘Cause We Are At…Strawberry Fields :-)

This week we visited strawberry fields at an organic farm in Markham Ontario where we indulged ourselves picking local organic strawberries – yummy :-). Picking fruits by yourself is a fantastic opportunity to learn where the fruits are coming from and you can pick exactly what you like. At the organic farm both the large and small strawberries were tasty: juicy and sweet as they should be.


The strawberries are local, in season and organic. The fruits as such are simply “gold.” When you think about strawberries do not limit your imagination just to the taste and smell. The strawberries are packed with vitamins (Vitamin C, K1, beta-carotene)  and minerals (potassium, calcium) and off course rich in fiber and fiber helps with proper digestion. Eating strawberries will not only benefit your digestive tract, you will see improvements on the outside as well on your skin and waistline.


Do not be afraid to get your hands dirty and your shoes muddy. Oh yes, if you visit the farm after the rainy day make sure you wear appropriate boots. And remember to choose organic farm for your “pick-your-own” experience as the fruits are free from pesticide and artificial fertilizers.


The Organics Farm we visited is Organic Certified run by Passafiume Family and a Dog Barley 🙂 The farm transitioned to organic in 2001 as they realized this is the right way to farm to reduce the impact on the environment and provide their family and the customers’ families with healthy vegetables and fruits.


The Organic Farm offers pic-your-own strawberries. Yay so exciting 🙂 they are located right here in the GTA area.  Address:

7550 19th Ave., Markham, Ontario, L6B 1A8, T: (905) 640-5206


Prices:  There is a $12 per person three years old and older . This is the minimum purchase before entry into the field.  The price includes one 2 liter basket of pick your own strawberries.  The strawberries are $6/liter or $4.50/lb pick your own.  You’re welcome to bring your own containers to pick in or you may purchase one from the farm. For more details visit

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