Organic Farming

A New Experiment To Control Weeds

There are many beneficial weeds such as the dandelion and thistle;  however, if there are too many of them on the farming soil it’s time to start the OCCULTATION  🙂 Today both of us enjoyed the sunny whether covering some areas of the farming soil with tarps, at the same time getting our first vitamin D. Yeah 🙂

Weeds are an unfortunate reality for every farmer, but this method minimizes the madness.                                                                                                              Jesse Frost


The whole idea of non-chemical natural weed control ( accultation )is to cut the soil off from sunlight. And when this is done the weeds simply die.


The barriers that we are using will trap the moisture underneath. As the soil gets warmer more weed seeds are going to germinate into a suffocating environment that lacks the sun and air.


The weeds will die under the tarp and will be eaten by a variety of small bugs and other organisms that thrive under this dark with limited moisture environment.   It usually takes approximately 4 weeks for the occultation to do its job.


Danuta is showing the pins we are using to secure the tarp against the wind


On the farming plot we are welcoming soon to be born killdeer 🙂


Great Job! The tarp is down, secured and already started its purpose 🙂



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