Going Green…House :-)

What has Promix + Planting Containers + Organic Seeds + Greenhouse have in-common? The new 2018 Organic Growing Season has just began πŸ™‚

DSC_0156It is a new experience for us this season starting out organic seedlings indoor before transplanting them onto the farming field.

DSC_0134Spring in Toronto area has officially started. It is warm and sunny, however; the seeds will not sprout in such conditions because the soil is still very cold and in many cases frozen.

DSC_0171Seeds sprout best at temperatures of 65 to 75Β°F (18 toΒ 24Β°C). We started seedlings a few days ago and are already enjoying watching the young plants coming out.

To start your own seedlings all you need are the following tools plus a warm place with steady room temperature:

  1. Planting containers
  2. Promix – Organic premium vegetable mixΒ 
  3. Organic seeds – e.g. from Urban Harvest, West Cost Seeds, Cottage Gardener, Johnnys Seeds, Greta’s Seeds etc.

Thanks to our farmer colleague Hugh Phillips atΒ  Food Forest OrganicsΒ we are able to experiment with seedlings in a climate controlled greenhouse this year before transplanting the plants outdoors once the weather conditions allow. Thank you Hugh πŸ™‚


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