Organic Farming

The Russian Mammoth – Organic Sunflower

We love the Russian Mammoth and the birds, bees, and the deer loves it too. The BirdsDSC_0108 love all kinds of seeds and what we noticed they love the sunflower seeds even better. We found these pictures of our Organic Russian Mammoth Sunflowers from the 2017 season.

Standing firm on the soil in winter almost empty of seeds, it reminded us of the reasons we had and will have sunflowers in our organic farming experience for the coming seasons. We planted the organic sunflowers for three purposes; one, to attract pollinators (bees), two to harvest the sunflower seeds for our own use, and three to feed the birds.

While harvesting of the seeds did not take place, we most definitely had a wonderful experience enjoying watching the bees, wasps, and other pollinators visiting the big beautiful yellow and happy plants.

And when the sunflowers matured we couldn’t stop watching the birds having the “time of their life” sitting, twitting and eating the organic sunflower seeds of the Russian Mammoth Sunflowers.


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    • Thank you 🙂 At the time of purchasing the seeds we didn’t expect them to grow soooo big 🙂 We were happy however because the sunflowers attracted so much life and constant visits of bees, birds and occasionally the deer 🙂


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