Organic Farming

Saying Goodbye To 2017 Farming Season

aAlthough we still have organic carrots and turnips in the soil doing just fine withstanding colder temperatures, it’s time to say goodbye to our 2017 farming season.

Ending the season doesn’t mean we are going silent for the upcoming months till next season 2018 begins.

It’s time for us to sit back, reflect on given opportunities, experiences and knowledge gained through this season. It is also time for us to acknowledge the mistakes and learn from them. Furthermore, it will be time for us to think about what we want to plant and grow next year and what new experiences and challenges we’d like to face.

And finally, it will be time to work on creating a better educational and informational content about growing and enjoying the benefits of eating organic fruits and vegetables. With that in mind stay tuned to our next posts coming very soon.

Below our final activities on the farm:

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