Organic Carrots

Fifty Shapes of Carrots

Carrot ONothing seems and looks perfect in life…or perhaps it does πŸ™‚ …that of course all depends on our views and perceptions. While shooting our featured image for this post, we aimed for the perfect photo and look what we ended up with ??? A pose that would never sell to a magazine or other media outlet.

As we take on our farming journey, we are learning that similar principals apply to growing fruits and vegetables. Aiming for the perfectly grown organic carrots or other vegetables, we ended up with a variety of weird shapes that unfortunately most customers would never purchase even though they’re perfectly fine, healthy, nutritious, and delicious as the “normally” looking veggies.

This post is dedicated to all the not-so-perfect looking organic carrots that we’ve harvested, juiced, and eaten in our salads over the 2017 growing season. Glory, gratitude, and many thanks to you beautiful nutritious and healthy carrots


Other photo shoots we considered for the featured image πŸ™‚


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